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Zepp and shops

Matt Wooz said :

> 2) Am i wierd or does anybody else do this aswell? Everytime I walk into a
> record store I always go to the Zeppelin section first even though I have
> all their published stuff (apart from early days and latter days).????

I don't do it everytime but very often, as well as the Page and Plant section.
And I _always_ check the Alice Cooper section to see if they're stocked up....
Any lovers of good hard rock go buy "Dragontown" Alice's new record that came
out yesterday.... brilliant!!!

On a Zep related note, I went to a record shop today and got the new Afro Celt
Sound System cd. I absolutely love it! I remember being reall struck when I saw
them on tv some years ago... actually they were on French tv (Nulle Part
Ailleurs) when Alice Cooper was there.... small world ey?
Of course I really enjoyed the track with Robert Plant. If Page & Plant would
reiterate their attempt of WIC with this band it would be a master piece. Get
Nigel Eaton back please!
And the live concerts could be something like  the "No Quarter" tour with a
really ACSS feel, meaning the rhythm and power of the two cultures, and the
classic rock feel of Led Zeppelin.

If we can dream some more here, bring in JPJ on bass, some hot soli on Jimmy's
side and the "oriental-celtic" spice of Robert's voice.... a dream come true
band no?


Sunila, The Dragonlady

PS: it's awfully quiet on the "reunion front", it's hardly more than a week