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Re: Atlanta Pop Festival

The Second Atlanta Pop Festival was Friday July 3, Saturday July 4 and
Sunday July 5, 1970. The home hosting band was the Allman Bros who played
at least twice a day each day of the festival or at least it seemed that way.
I went because it was rumored that Zep was going to play and then they
announced over the PA on Saturday afternoon that Zep had other commitments.
This big moan and groan wave overtook the audience.
Unless it was destroyed somewhere out there in hoarder land is  pro-shot 35 mm
footage of most of the festival, in particular I remember the cameras
rolling when Mott the Hoople did a twenty minute version of "Rock 'n Roll
The members of Zep really missed out on a grand time that occasion.
Over 750,000 people attended the festival.

At 07:01 AM 10/6/01 -0400, scott hutchinson wrote:
>Anyone know the date that Led played at the Atlanta Pop Festival.The
reason im
>asking is that someone found a grail that was downloaded in SHN,It was the
>Allman Brothers Band on 07/05/70.Did Led play in 1970 or 1969.If 1970 I will
>see if I can unearth Zeppelin Atlanta Pop.