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Re: Led Zeppelin Enters TV Commercial Game

Pretty soon I won't need a stereo anymore, I'll just watch car commercials on
It's all the friggin Who's fault!! ( the original sellouts! & not just by
album title)

Bonzo must be rolling in his grave.

Jeremy Mixer wrote:

> On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Ravi wrote:
> > http://music.launch.com/read/news.asp?contentID=206177
> Now when I have a concversation with someone who calls Zep a sellout I
> have no arguement....
> The question is this- who is making these decisions? Zeppelin doesn't have
> creative control of tehir catalog anymore do they? Didn't they sell most
> of it off in the early 80's when Willie Dixon was threatening Legal action
> for "Whole Lotta Love" being a copy of his "You Need Love?"