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Re: Where's Slooby ?

With apologies to Jeremy:

1. Adelaide is still to come,
2. I'm up to my arse in Trees and trades,
3. The weather's warming up and my pool is beginning to lose it's winter 
4. EC's getting a flogging,
5. Australia has two more World Motorcycle champions,
6. I'm waiting for someone to seed me for an Auckland '72 tree (are we 
happy yet Duncan?),
7. I'm still getting Branch signups for Imperial Kezar (hurry up and get 
home Chris!),
8. Looking for The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comics (any trades?)
9. Can't wait for the Jimmy Page supervised Physical Grafitti from 
Classic Records to arrive, and
10. Anyone willing to do copies of the 4 VCD's that have the HQ versions 
of the known video catalogue as a trade?

Cheers and Beers, Roll on Hallo'een

Les. :)

david wilson wrote:

> Les,  you've been too quiet lately.....what are you hatching ?!??!
> David

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