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A trade proposal

Here's the deal. I've tried to set up trades in the past few months for the 
complete MP3 project set. I had a few offers but because of personal, and 
professional problems, I was never able to take anybody up on their offers. 
To those who did offer in the past I'm very grateful. 
Anyway, here's the deal. I would still very much like to obtain the complete 
MP3 project. What I'm offering is the now out of print "Led Zeppelin: Live 
Dreams" book. This copy is brand new, never opened, pristine. It contains the 
slip cover and bonus outtakes booklet. The original retail price is nearly 
twice as much as the cdr's required for the MP3 project. I'm willing to cover 
all shipping costs as well. 
I'm also still looking for a cdr copy of the recently tree'd version of 
4/27/69. I can't offer the book for this because of the cost involved, but I 
have several other things to offer.