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Fwd: Hi Crystal (minor zep-related)

Hey folks... just forwarding this for Sean Kinane.

>Here's a tidbit you can post to FBO if you wish (I'm subscribed through my
>University of Hawaii account, I can retrieve my UH email, but I can't send
>email from that account, so in order to post to FBO I'd have to unsub and
>resub from a different account, but I haven't gotten around to it yet).
>Last night I saw an advanced showing of the Bruce Willis movie "Bandits"
>that will open in about a week or so.  Near the beginning you can hear the
>No Quarter version of Gallows Pole playing in the background.  Eventually
>it gets cranked way up and is the soundtrack for a prison break-out / car
>chase scene.  It's a nice effect!  I normally don't like Hollywood movies,
>but I have to confess I enjoyed this one.