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Re: Hopeful Playlist at Hopeful Reunion

Yeah, the title is a bit daunting, but....like most of their songs it has
nothing to do with the lyrics.  Plus....it's easy to play, and it is extremely
badass. I likes Rain Song, because it is poignant, beautiful, and lyrically
appropriate (upon us all...etc.), plus...it's something Pagey can play fine
even if he's not in top form.  He pulled it off in '80.

I hope they do it, and I really think it will be interesting.

TangerineMan wrote:

> Mark D's setlist:
> > Song Remains the Same/Rain Song
> > Rock and Roll,
> > Jonesy's Levee (as the framework to do blues medley)
> > In the Light
> > Trampled Underfoot
> >
> > Encore:
> > Train Kept a'rollin
> I like it. I was really going off the top of my head, and I didn't think of
> TSRtS. Excellent choice. TKaR as well.
> Trampled... I'm not sure. Lyrically it's fine, but that title...