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Regarding Zeppelin Digital..

All of us remember the five volumes of Zeppelin Digital, right?
Great low-gen sources of great shows, distributed by error-free SHN

What keeps getting my attention is that it seems all of these shows
have distortion. The kind of tone that sounds like it wasn't on the
master tape, but got into the sound stream during the process from
the tape to wave form at computer.

I'm listening to 5/13/73 Mobile right now, and it has this annoying
distrotion all around, which is NOT on my previous copy of "Upwardly
Mobile." I've heard this same kind of distortion on the treed 9/9/71
soundboard, and accidentally, these both tapes were transferred
from analog sources.

I am just wondering is this just a coincidence or did someone screw
up during the transfer process. Which would be a shame. :(

Or am I the only one noticing this?