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Re: Possible Reunion "Confirmation"?

In fact, Howard said he would ONLY appear at the benefit  
if he can play drums with Zeppelin on Kashmir.

Great radio.

In a message dated Wed, 3 Oct 2001  9:19:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time, "James 
Bonal" <bonal71@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Take this source for what it is, but ...
> Howard Stern has mentioned several times this morning that VH1 contacted him 
> and asked him to participate in the upcoming benefit concert for the WTC.  
> VH1 is apparently broadcasting the concert.  Stern has been saying that he 
> was told that McCartney, The Who and Led Zeppelin will be among those 
> participating.
> Howard seemed to be highlighting Zep's inclusion in the concert.  On a 
> couple of occassions this morning, he returned from commercials with a Zep 
> song playing (Kashmir and Immigrant Song) and joined in with his falsetto 
> "vocals."  He has also been joking that he wants to join Zep and fill in on 
> drums and/or vocals.
> Anyway, I still haven't come across any official confirmation in any of the 
> NYC papers or on any of the radio stations and TBL and Rapallo still both 
> say that they have no news.