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Led Zeppelin cross over

Hello everybody,

Last weekend  i helped out a friend of mine on a
record fair which was part of the "Tattoo the Earth"
festival where were playing the following bands; Napalm
Death, Moonspell, Biohazard, Cradle Of Filth and the mighty
Slayer. Another friend of mine who had a stall next to us had
about 2 copies of each Led Zeppelin vinyl album except TSRTS and
ITTOD. For some reason i can't possibly understand they're almost never
sold, even not an regular fairs. Except for this day because he sold 
all ! Because we were next to him i observed which kind of people bought 

them and i was surprised at the mixed content of these people. Hardcore
punks with mohawks, skaters, real hardcore guys with chain wallets and 
everywhere, goths and guys into traditional metal. As diverse as the 
music of
Led Zeppelin is as diverse were the people that bought it this evening. 
It was
great fun to watch.