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Pontiac 1977 Upgrade

 I was going through my tapes and found a 2nd gen
of the 4/30/77 show in Pontiac, Michigan that I
had forgotten about. I compared it to a copy of
Hot Rods In Pontiac on TDOLZ label. It's a
considerable upgrade to the only release on CD so
I've transfered it to 3 cdrs (Master>2nd>CDR). 
It's the same source tape TDOLZ used but their
copy was several gens higher. 
 The show starts off as a good, slightly distant
audience recording . After a tape change between
Since I've Been Loving You and No Quarter the
sound goes to very good for the rest of the show.
It's complete except for the very end of Moby
Dick. I'm  open to trades but be advised, I have
over 175 Zeppelin shows. I am looking to fill up
some of the gaps in my Zep collection and I'm
open to considering trades for other bands.