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The Zeppelin Team to cure cancer!

[posted with permission]

The Zeppelin Team to cure cancer is a group of Zep fans
who run a special program on there computer that helps
look for potential cures for cancer, for the Oxford
University's Centre for Computational Drug Discovery.

This special program is like a screensaver (it runs when
you are not using your computer), and it graphically shows
you the protein and molecule its working on, along with
a count of "hits" that it finds!

Utilizing peer to peer distributlive computing power, over 809,596
computers around the world are currently working on the project,
making the system the worlds largest super computer.

Since May 3, 2001, our little Zeppelin team has racked up 200,000
points, turned in 2,453 results, and provided 18,637 hours of CPU
time, and we now rank in the top 1100 teams listed!

If you are interested in making a difference, and would like to join
our Zeppelin Team, please visit http://www.wholelottalove.org 

You can also win cash, computers, and prizes, and points the
teams generate are matched with air miles that get donated to
the Make A Wish Foundation.

Why not help us make a Zeppelin difference!

Sign up at http://www.wholelottalove.org