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RE: Ramblin down the road

I hear you Jeremy! Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier, I am afraid that we
won't see much in the way of unreleased stuff until the boys have passed on
and some corporate entity or even a family member, with no emotional
attachment to the music, starts releasing stuff to make a buck.  Although I
love the Hendrix stuff his family is releasing, if Jimi was still alive a
large part of the new live and unreleased studio stuff would not have seen
the light of day as Jimi was a perfectionist also! Hell, My favorite Hendrix
Disc "Band of Gypsies" would never have been released as Jimmy only allowed
its release to settle an old contract dispute! Name a dead artist and check
out the stuff released after his or her death and you may be surprised, most
of the stuff would never have seen the light of day if they were still
alive...........................................sad but true.......:(((

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On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Tyra, John wrote:

> If your worried that the band is not getting money from bootlegs maybe
> should release the shows officially....yes?!!!!

Of course I would love to see that, wouldn't most of us on this list?

And with that thought in mind, when it is Robert that has usually
dissapproved releasing something live, then really he has only himself to
be blamed. I never was saying they shouldn't release more live material, I
was just saying that it may be a while and that releasing a lot of live
Zeppelin material is highly unlikely.