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Re: New Soundboards From the 1973 Tour

I'd imagine the reason that things seem to surface at once is because of
this- and really, the only -justified- reason for hoarding.

I wonder if the hoarders hoard so they can keep something rare and then
turn around and try to find something else rare. Slowly a show gets out,
the rumors start, and then it is out there.

The hoarderws most likely hoard the shows to get ahold of other shows and
trade for them, and then the show starts making it's way into the
mainstream puiblic and then it is not as valuable any more.

Never thought of it that way until now.

Beer is good.


On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, who me wrote:

> Well it looks like partial soundboards from
> Houston, Denver and San Diego are about to
> surface. It's amazing the amount of hoarded
> material that's surfaced in the last year. Does
> anyone on the list have any of these new board
> recordings? If so, I'd be interested in setting
> up a trade. I have over 200 Zep shows including a
> few recently acquired master clones and 1st gens
> to offer.
> Dave.


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