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re: Ramblin Down The Road

> Just how many people want to buy more live stuff? ... I know
> alot of this is becuase they are hard to buy but im sure if in offical 
> boxset was done it would have to sell "alot" of copies to break even.

Well, I don't really know but if the live releases from DEEP PURPLE are 
any indication, it is that live recordings do sell enough for the 
company/band to keep on releasing them. From Mark II, apart from Made In 
Japan in at least two versions, there are Scandinavian Nights and Live 
in London.  From the other Marks you have the Conoisseur stuff, bootleg 
series box sets (12 CDs), one with audience recordings - taken directly 
from bootlegs - and one with with soundboard.

And I think we all agree, even those who like Purple: Deep Purlple 
doesn't even come close to Zep.

TSRTS - I have to admit that my first bootleg lp with an audience 
recording from Zep sounded to my young, unexperienced ears like a local 
school band trying to play like their heroes.  Back then, I loved TSRTS, 
especially side three with NQ and STH.  I don't mind that the hard rock 
section has been taken from another night - on the contrary, to me back 
then it was the perfect version with endless playing time guaranteed.  
Later, I began to love bootlegs (both sdbd and audience) and I 
appreciate both the music and the document value.  But in all honesty, I 
wouldn't mind having Page wizarding to release the perfect live versions 
of their classics, even if he has to assemble them from three or four 
different sources.  It would not be a document, but hey, I know I 
wouldn't be able to disregard it because of some editing.  Musicians are 
humans and as such are bound to make mistakes - and if Jimmy wants to 
correct these mistakes and assemble what he feels are his best moments, 
who am I to argue, especially by him doing so I'm 300% sure he will 
guarantee another endless repeat-runs on my CD player.

And if Zep and/or Atlantic want to go the way the DOORS, HENDRIX, PEARL 
JAM and ELP went (releasing complete concerts through their website) or 
the way of DEEP PURPLE, it will all be alright with me as long as they 
finally do SOMETHING.

Just my 2cents

regards - marco