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Re: zeppelin-digest V3 #1015

Alexandro  wrote:

>there is/are Page/Plant live recordings from the
>95/96 tour which contaisn MISTY MOUNTAIN HOP and
>ACHILLES LAST STAND. Well, I wanted to know if the
>recordings are of good quality and what date they 

If anyone knows, please post the answer to the list
too.  I've love to search out a copy of a '95 show if
it has MMH.

Achilles was played at an Atlanta concert, a very nice
version what with the second guitar player (SS's own
Porl Thompson) and Charlie playing the bass faithfully
to the album cut.

>Also, I have a source for Plant - Live in Sweden
>2001, from Zeus label.  Any opinion about that 
>show (performance, sound quality)??

I think Billy McCue went to Europe to see them this
year.  Try asking him, but me might start weeping.