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Re: britney spears (gag) vs Led Zeppelin YUM!!!

Just a quick note from someone who has seen both Britney in concert (using
the term loosely), as well as Led Zeppelin.  I think I should have won
Mother Of The Year when I saw Britney, I deserved it.  The only show which
caused me pain (of the unpleasant kind) was the little Princess herself.

Zeppelin on the other hand, was the best show I've ever seen and I had
really, really bad seats--but it was ZEPPELIN!!!  My choice, as an
experienced and unbiased audience member, would be the time machine--I might
head back to Seattle, but make sure I have better seats--like umm...


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> Poll of the Week:
> Which would you rather have one night with Britney Spears or go back in
> witness any one led zeppelin concert?
> That's a no brainer.......go back in time and witness Zepp!!!  OOooh
> Yeah!!!!....Zepgirly~