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Subject: Re: Ballentine
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 10:48:44 -0800
From: richard maenpaa <ritchiepage@xxxxxxxxx>
To: sLoObY <lsutton1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

      chris and i have had our differences, but i
think he's a first class human being and one of
the biggest contributors to the zep trading
      hell, he helped me start my c.d. collection
after all my vinyl got stolen.
      chris, if you're reading this, i still
cherish that "ltte", and i look forward to the
day when you can resurrect p.b., in the meantime,
don't be a stranger.
      rock on,
           ritchie :-)

- --- sLoObY <lsutton1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > Yep spotted Chris's demise today at work.
 > Ballentine AND Sessions are for all intents and
 > purposes gone in the
 > form that we knew them.
 > I'll let Chris tell the list, if he wishes, the
 > reasons.
 > For now let's all thank Chris for his stellar
 > contribution to Zep
 > trading and hope he resurrects what where two
 > shining lights in the Zep
 > ether to some form we can all enjoy once more.
 > Thanks Chris, keep your chin up.
 > Les. :(
 > Jeff Roy wrote:
 > > Guys!
 > >
 > > What the hell is up @ Project Ballentine?
 > >
 > > Jeff
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 > sLoObYs Trade Repository