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Re: britney spears vs. led zeppelin

At 06:07 PM 11/21/01 EST, Capdjr1@xxxxxxx wrote:
>Poll of the Week:
>Which would you rather have one night with Britney Spears or go back in time 
>witness any one led zeppelin concert?
Surely you jest?

About the only thing that Britney Spears has in common with Led Zeppelin is
the fact they both been fortunate enough to be featured on the cover of
Rolling Stone. You're comparing musical entities that have no sound basis
in comparison.

 Led Zeppelin's rise to fame was based largely on word of mouth
appreciation of live performance backed by studio recordings composed,
performed and produced by the band. The art work was directed by Page
personally. Led Zeppelin's rise to fame was against the tide of mass media
and in spite of it. 
Led Zeppelin, soaked and steeped themselves in their chosen influences and
then allowed their own budding creativity to propel them to popularity in
the face of a disinterested press and in spite of the negativity the press
attempted to generate on the whole. Led Zeppelin's off-handed strategy
worked well in the then prevailing climate of success by "going against the
It revealed them as creative musical pioneers with a distinctive mark of
personal and financial philosophical independence. They lived a
teeter-totter careening existence that flaunted convention.

Britney Spears fame is the result of hired teams of media experts who
concentrate on creating a marketable musical commodity for mass
consumption.  The girl's position was created by the media. She is an above
average performer, who has been privileged to have been served well by
imaginative employees.  It appears to me that she's, been contractually
bound to be subject to the kind of tampering that any performer trapped by
the whims of popular taste is bound to be hemmed in with.
Whether or not she can find her inner musically creative self in spite of
her public image remains to be seen. To make the mistake of even suggesting
there's any real comparison between her and Zep musically bites big time.
Spears is a factory pop music product, Led Zeppelin was one of the world's
greatest rock music bands.
Choice, my eye.

Um, listening to the first time Robert, Jimmy, Jonesey and Bonzo cranked up
together in London would have been the ultimate.