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I agree with you about Miss Spears, but I hope that you realize that Rolling
Stone is all about cleavage now anyway.  I am a 42 year old guy and I am
starting to kind of get embaressed to open my mailbox anymore.  My wife even
commented to me that I might as well go ahead and subscribe to Playboy now.
I think it is just more of the symptom of music in general today.  The music
just isn't inspiring, so you might as well have a babe to sing the songs.
Which is okay, but man, they are making her into a diva, and she sounds like
she is hoarse.  And then, I open my newsweek mag and I see a thing on a
Britney clone from Columbia.  You know, I think I will take it back for all
the ridicule I gave to prior bands that tried to copy Zeppelin, at least
they tried to copy the best music. God, I saw her on MTV and she sings about
her small breasts-I am not kidding.  Oh well, I just have to believe that
this is all like a parallel to the economy, with ressesions and prosperity.
We are in a deep ressession musically right now and something good is bound
to happen.  Rolling Stone is so pathetic that they can't even admit it-they
just want to sell mags-I could go on about journalism as a whole but I'm
rambling.  The Stone mag people are like us in a way, only their god is Bob
Dylan, and they have been waiting like us for more of his stuff.  Back to my
economic analogy.  I am new to the net and Zep sites, but I notice some
rumours of them getting back together.  I remember when "In Through the
Outdoor" came out and the music biz was all atwitter and it was said at that
time before it came out that they were hoping that our guys could turn the
industry around.  And, we are still waiting for god sakes.  Anyway, could it
be that John Paul Jones getting back into practice like Michael Jordan could
be a harbinger of things to come?  Jimmy is playing a lot also.  I don't
know how good it would actually be but I really don't care-they are like a
baseball all-star team and it is just good to see them again.  And, I don't
think they will embaress themselves like Mick Jagger and try to dance around
like an idiot at 60 years old.  Rolling Stone I think gave him a 5 star
rating-could it all be a conspiracy that he also had an interview in the mag
that month.  And, Dylan and him have used the term rolling stone in
different ways.  Is it subliminal?  Anyway, your thoughts on JPJ also are
interesting-I imagine that his will be in the back with a three or some
other stupid review.  After all, isn't he just a washed-up old man anyway?
Sorry, just kiddiing.  I am new to this and don't know how to post this to
more members.  If I send it to you, can you do it?  I didn't mean to even go
this far, but after all this work I guess I would like to hear opinions from
fans that have been on the net for years to see if I am on track.


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> Hey All
> Britney Spears gets 2 coverson Rolling Stone within 6 months ( her third
> total that I know of ).
> It took Rolling Stone 8 YEARS to recognize ZEP  and only 1 cover within
> 12 year career. I Know this is old news but I wanted to vent. And no