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SZC - Tragically Hip

Hello all:

I have a friend who is very new to trading - even newer than me - and he 
would REALLY like to get his hands on some recordings of The Tragically Hip. 
  I know the Hip opened for Page & Plant in 1995, so I thought perhaps there 
might be some interest in the band on this list.  He has signed up for the 
only Hip mailing lists he can find, and let's just say it's slow going.  He 
is especially interested in Buffalo, NY area shows, because that's where he 
has seen them - but any help would be appreciated.  I don't have a burner, 
but Matt does, and I have a very modest trade list of Zep and related boots, 
as well as a few Pearl Jam recordings.  Please, if anyone can help us out - 
even if it's just to tell us a better place to look - email us at 
zepcowboy@xxxxxxxxxxx and king_matthewa@xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you!

Also, a big thank you is in order for those who have transcribed the 
recently posted interviews and sent them in to FBO.  I know that I have 
enjoyed reading them immensely.

Anyone going to JPJ's show in Cleveland next Friday?  I'll see you there...