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afrocelt soundsystem be heard

Hi all-

We now have the track from the Afrocelt Soundsystem with Robert Plant here
at WKIT. However, it is not in regular rotation...... however, you are the
people that can change that. "But Jeremy, how can I do that?"

Well first, sometime during the week, tune in either on your radio if you
can pick us up (meaning if you are in the Bangor Maine area- and I know of
only two people on this list who are) or tune us in online at

The next thing to do is request it. Requesting things during the week will
get something done, while requesting something during the
weekend....you're dealing with us part timers who have not nearly as much
of an impact on what is played.

If you don't know the best way to request a tune, I will help you along

"Good morning Bob and Goo/ Rockdog / Scomo / Dave (the schedule is on the
web page) How are ya?"
"Excellent and yourself?"
"Pretty good, what can we do for ya?"
"Are you guys playing that new track from the afrocelt sound system with
robert plant?"

and go from there. Please don't everyone follow this script exactly or it
will seem very put on.....

the best times to call? The all-request hours of course.......the main
ones are from 9-10 AM (the coffee break) and from 5-6 PM (traffic jam).
Another thing to listen for are the rock blocks, which one is from 3:30-4
PM, and the other is from 8-9 at night. The rock blocks generally feature
one band or a "topic" or something of the such, that is when you are most
likely to get a request played. And of course overnights are a much easier
time to get requests in, however it won't have as much influence on the
play list.

And last of all, don't tell them I sent you. Say you love the station,
listen all the time, you tell tehm i sent you it might make it obvious.
it's bad enough i am posting this and everyone can read it. Good
luck......and spread the word.....