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Re: Earl's Court VCD being posted to abslz Which Provider?

Actually I was just thinking about signing up for an account with a 
newsgroup provider.  I've tried looking for a free provider with this binary 
group but to no avail.

Can anyone recommend a site to sign up with that has the 
alt.binaries.sounds.led-zeppelin newgroup on it?



>From: jleck <jleck@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: jleck@xxxxxxxxxx
>To: zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
>Subject: Earl's Court VCD being posted to abslz
>Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 11:39:28 -0800
>Perhaps this is unnecessary but I thought I'd put a heads up here.
>Earl's Court VCD is being posted by Saitoh to
>Newsgroups: alt.binaries.sounds.led-zeppelin
>THANK YOU Saitoh!!!
>Saitoh's nfo file
>Led Zeppelin
>"Physical Rocket - Live at Earls Court Video"
>Pro-Shot Vid with unknown gens > Holy Eye DVD release > 1st gen VHS
>tape (corrected audio on the second portion of the show from the
>Odyssius bootleg) > VCD.
>Encoded to vcd by Saitoh.
>Transfer From tape to VCD:
>Panasonic PV-VS4820 SVHS VCR > SVideo Out > Matrox G-200 (Captured at
>704x480) > Adobe Premiere 6.0 (Gausian Blur of 1.5 then Optiaml Resize
>to 352x240 then export to Panasonic Mpeg-1 with VCD constraints).
>Track Listing:
>Rock And Roll->
>Sick Again,
>Over The Hills And Far Away,
>In My Time Of Dying,
>The Song Remains The Same ->
>The Rain Song,
>No Quarter,
>Going To California,
>That's The Way,
>Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp,
>Trampled Underfoot,
>Moby Dick (video clip only),
>Dazed And Confused->Woodstock->Dazed And Confused,
>Stairway To Heaven,
>Whole Lotta Love->The Crunge->Black Dog,
>Moby Dick Audio Clip with Pictures.
>Background info:
>This tape came to me as a branch in Buckeye's massive tree of the
>video as he knew someone who had the dvd. There are numerous edits and
>cuts, and problems, but damnit, that doesnt matter, its still cool.
>Finally a version of what many consider "The Holy Grail" has come into
>There are some cuts and such, I didnt create them, they were just
>there. Off the top of my head, I remember 3 in Rock & Roll, 2 in Sick
>Again, and maybe one other somewhere on the first disc, I dont
>remember what was specifically wrong about the 2nd and 3rd discs
>though. One notes, durring Over the Hills and Far Away, and again
>durring Rain Song, the image PAUSES. This problem was on the tape, and
>evidently they screwed up or something, I dont know, but this isnt my
>fault with the capture card, I double checked. There are some glitches
>with the tape (tape rolls, vertical corrections, etc), but those are
>all on the tape. I actually took the exact footage and didnt rearrange
>anything, so what you see was all on my tapes. One of the things which
>I DID change was the picture. It was TOO DAMN DARK on the orignal
>release and tapes, so I corrected the gamma rating by -0.3 since
>brightness/contrast would have warped the color (which was allready
>funky, but hey, this is all about preservation, hehe). Now the release
>is watchable on a PC, and should be better on TVs, which is where I
>recomend watching it anyway.
>One thing I would like to express is PLEASE keep this in CORRECT vcd
>format. (IE: if you copy the disc, COPY it, dont just rip the dat
>files and reburn. That ruins the format, and DAMNIT, I deal with vcds
>enough to know the consequences and why this is bad). So either keep
>the raw mpeg, or make sure you know how to handle vcds properly. I've
>goten screwed over too many times with this problem. Also, if
>possible, distro the rar files, md5s (which i made of both rars and
>the mpegs), AND this NFO file. I would REALLY appreciate it.
>Big thanks goes out to Buckeye for this one, and his friend who's name
>excapes me. Probably forgetting other people, dooh.
>-- Saitoh