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JPJ rips it up in SF

Not a real review but . . . I was lucky enough to catch JPJ in San Francisco 
Wednesday night and wasn't dissapointed.  The set list was the same as that 
reviewed in the Nashville show.  JPJ looked great and was playing 
excellently . . . he just keeps getting better and better.  The new songs 
were very well received, The Thundertheif promises to be a good one!  JR was 
right - you haven't heard ukulele played until it's played by Mr. Jones.  
And I grew up in Hawaii!  This was one hell of a show, with a very 
enthusiastic crowd.  My only complaint was the muddy sound - much worse than 
when he played the fillmore in '99, and the short set length of an hour.  
After all, I drove 6 hours to make the show (each way!).

Security was not tight at all - anyone who wanted to could get taping 
equipment inside.  I didn't see any tapers but did see one guy with a camera 
who didn't look too official.  Someone please tape one of these shows!

BTW - does a recording exist of his 1999 Fillmore concert?  I haven't heard 
of one.  I was standing behind someone with a camcorder who was getting 
great footage (JPJ spotted it right away and didn't look too happy about 
it), but was escorted outside by security about 30 minutes into the show.