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Extras for trade ....

Hi all,

I have the following shows available for trade. First in best dressed. 
Please mail me privately.

Stroll on 25/7/69 TDOLZ  Aud 1CD Wisconsin USA  (Verbatim discs)
Historical Birthday 9/1/70 1CD (Shot to the top) RAH (Verbatim discs)
Intimidator  7/3/70  3CD  Montreux, Empress Valley (Verbatim discs)
The Overture 2CD 2/10/72 Tokyo, Japan  Sanctuary (Verbatim discs)
Hang On To Your Heads 3CD Box set 28/2/75 TDOLZ (Verbatim discs)
Cosmic Crazy 3CD 25/3/75 Last Stand Disc  L.A. (TDK discs)
It's Been Great 3CD 23/7/77 IQ Oakland (Sony/Mitsui discs)
Nassau '75 14/2/75 TDOLZ Uniondale NY (CompUSA discs - writing on discs)

I am mainly after any of the following shows:

?Royal Dragon ? Jimmy?s Birthday Party? London 1/9/70  Tarantura  2cdr
or any of the New York shows. 

Hear from you soon.

.... Mick ....