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Yet More Zep Content on MTV.com

Check out the review of the Oysterhead show in Toronto Wednesday night
(for those unaware: Oysterhead is made up of ex-Police drummer Stewart
Copeland, Primus bassist Les Claypool, and phormer Phish man Trey


"Oysterhead Channel Zeppelin For Toronto's Bead-Wearing Phish Fans"

"...Oysterhead hit their mark five songs in with "Army's on Ecstasy." As
Copeland worked his
rather large and intricate drum set, it was Anastasio's gritty guitar
work and pedal finesse that set the stage for the song's
deconstruction and ultimate reconstruction in the vein of Led
Zeppelin's "Over the Hills and Far Away" (with a little "Dazed and
Confused" mixed in). A Zeppelin-like homage could also be
heard in "Radon Balloon," a song which features Anastasio
strumming acoustic guitar. Clearly the '70s rock gods hold a
place in Oysterhead's collective heart ? fans who arrived at the
show early heard most of Led Zeppelin's first album over the
sound system during soundchecks.

"The bizarre factor came to the fore on more than one occasion,
particularly during "Shadow of a Man." Here, Anastasio opted for
a guitar featuring antlers protruding from it, the antlers acting as
a makeshift theremin that produced startling effects."