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Re: Seattle 77

amen, Brother!!!!!

LZpig@xxxxxxx wrote:

> What is the Fucking point?  That you , Chris are a little bitch 
> that did not
> have the money and somebody else did!!  Now they are just supposed 
> to send
> you a tape because you think you are the leader of this list!  Give 
> me a
> Fucking break.  The point is, Chris,  You are a little Fucking 
> asshole that
> thinks that you are owed something when you are not.  That is the 
> point!
>   C'mon, dude, get a clue.  Bombard the guy with emails because he 
> has
> something that you want ( like the rest of us) and you can't have 
> it because
> you are a broke Dick!!!!  The guy spent 3 g's on the tape and he is 
> just
> supposed to hand it over to you like you are special.  3 grand is 
> like 30 of
> the Chevy Chevettes that you drive,  Now do you get the idea.    I 
> know I am
> always a dick on here, but, C'mon!!!!
>  I think I will mail this guy tomorrow with a B+P deal for him and 
> I fully
> expect him to take care of me Because I am the PIG!!!   The nerve 
> that you
> have is Chris is blow's me away!  Who the fuck are you?  We are 
> missing the
> Point.  The point is that you are a little Prick that thinks that 
> you should
> have everything for nothing.  That is the Fucking point!   If you 
> wanted that
> video so bad, Get a Fucking loan before someone hit's the buy now 
> button!!!
> P.S.   You can't play guitar for shit either , Chris!!!!!!