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Re: zeppelin-digest V3 #894

Hi all,
This might arrive too late for any digesters, sorry for the lack of 
but i thought i should let you all know that 2FM here in Ireland are 
broadcasting a live Zeppelin show tonight at 10pm (irish time), which 
i know is 5pm EST. so work it out from there.
I don't know what show it is yet, i thought it might be TSRTS, but i 
think the guy said it was from '72, so im not sure.
If you want you might be able to listen online at http://www.2fm.ie
Im not sure if they do broadcast online, but I have a feeling they've 
mentioned it before.
That's all my useful info for now.

But the recent mention of the "For Badgeholders Only" Committee, got 
me thinking.....why are we called abdgeholders, when there are no 
badges?...........its too early on a sunday for this.


"We were but stones, your light made us stars"