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Re: Seattle 77

Mr. Longstocking,

Were you there?  Granted, I didn't have great seats, but I don't 
think it's
the show that sucked, I'm pretty sure it's the recording.  Just a 
here, but it could have something to do with the delightful acoustics 
in the
Kingdome (RIP/good riddance).  I'll bet a pro shot video would be a 
bit better quality, and judging from the very short clip I have, it 
is.  Or
maybe it just didn't suck to me, because I was in awe...


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> 3000 dollars to Page's wifes charity might get one a private dinner 
> or
> something with the man himself which I would take over some orangy 
> video
> a show that sucked anyday.
> Matt