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My previous post did not have the details that it should, I apoligize 
that, that's what I get for doing this stuff while at work.

The current committe of three people who have been serving their four
month term since April 1 are as follows:

Eric Fallas <eric@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Michael Gilson <TangerineMan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sharita Caple <NascarPagey@xxxxxxx>

Their terms expire on July 31, so this "committee call" is overdue. 
respond to this message by 5 PM on August 1st if you are interested in
being a committee member.

The job of being a committee member requires a 4-month voluntary
commitment to FBO, to ensure that members are following the rules of 
charter. It does not take a lot of time, and ensures to make sure 
that FBO
is an enjoyable place (or as close as possible) for all who are

The Charter can be viewd at:


All political discussion  for FBO, charter revisions, etc, are all 
collectively by FBO members on the admin list to be as fair as 
possible to
the members of the list. The power belongs to the people, not the 
nor the committee members.

The FBO Admin list exists for the purpose of discussing FBO 
issues, e.g., committee activities, committee appointments, charter
modifications, technical problems etc. To subscribe to the Admin list,
send an email to <listserv@xxxxxxxx> with the following text in the 
of the email:

subscribe admin Firstname Lastname

When you subscribe, you will receive an email telling you how to send
messages to the list, how to set your options, how to unsubscribe etc.

Sorry for the waste of bandwidth to those who are not interested. 
address any inquirees to one of the admins.


 Jeremy Mixer    (mixer@xxxxxxxx)
 Robert Rood     (mirader@xxxxxxxx)
 Bruce Deerhake  (fbohelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Administrators, "For Badgeholders Only" the Led Zeppelin Mailing List