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Live Dreams

It looks like I might have access to plenty of copies of "Live 
Dreams". It 
just depends on how soon I put the order in. These are not the same 
as the original, but only on the outside. The inside of the book is 
like my original copy. The only difference is that it's a plain black 
cover instead of the decorative cover. I can get them at $19.99 a 
piece. If 
anyone would like me to pick one up I'd like to work out a trade. 
Since I get 
a discount we could include shipping and call it an even $15. If 
interested drop me a line and we can figure out how many show's that 
equal, in other words how many cdr's would make a fair trade. Please 
email me telling me that you can send money. I'd much rather increase 
my cd 
collection and there will be no profit making on my part. In fact I'd 
willing to take a loss if you have a good show or two. Now I can't 
make any 
promises on how many copies I can get. Last time the wherehouse had 
any in 
stock they were gone the next day. And just to show that I'm not a 
dick, I'm a manager at Barnes and Noble, so if you'd rather get a 
copy on 
your own go to any one of our stores and they should be able to order 
it for 
you. It's a little tricky to find in the system so have them search 
keywords "Led Zeppelin dist". This is a nifty little trick that 
brings up the 
Zep bargain books. Also I have a huge display poster for Eric 
Claptons latest 
cd. It's cardboard so I'm sure how that could be mailed without 
ruining it. 
If you have any ideas I might be willing to toss that on the trading 
block as 

As for selling copies of Earl's Court, why not? He had to pay a ton 
for it 
and is probably just trying to get a little money back. Ladies and 
this is the fucking holy grail we're talking about and people are 
about having to pay for it? Shameeeeeee on you all. Like I said 
before, if it 
were a year ago and somebody offered a copy of the show on video for 
$50 it 
would have been jaw dropping. Now it's just ho hum. People are over 
biggest treasure in Zep collecting even before most of us have seen 

Yes's "South Side of the Sky" is as good as most of the songs Zep 
ever put