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Re: ramble controversey (was woman, woman)

I`ve been on a few different lists and newsgroups and it`s always the 
People talk about the good ole days and how things were better back 
then. I
have to say that this is one of the best ones I`ve seen. People here 
better behaved and more mature.

I`ve built a nice collection out of nothing and I have everyone on 
this list
to thank. There are some real cool people here and lets keep it that 
Leave the trolling to other groups we don`t need it here.


> >The list is pretty lame now, but it will get
> >better......
> The mantra of times imemorial: things are going to
> hell right now; worst it's been, etc etc etc
> But how can that be true when people have been saying
> these kinds of things for centuries?