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Re: Virus Question

It is not the person you got it form fault I got it from some one else
myself I did not send it to anyone because I saw it and squashed it 
but not
everyone is that lucky it is going like wildfire threw all the trading
community and many other email related things. This virus looks threw 
computer for an mp3, doc, xls, or other type of file and then sends 
an email
to all the people in the address book so if the person in question 
had a
trade with you it seems fair that he had your address in his address 
right. Like I said I belong to several trading communities and they 
all have
been getting it from someone or another. The email it sends makes you 
that this person is wanting you to see the attachment something like 
" I am
sending you this so you can tell me what you think." I was dumb 
enough to
open it and right away my virus program went bizerk . This is a 
reality easy
virus to get rid of. It makes your computer think it cant find the 
cuts and exe programs by manipulating the registry. Go to macfee's 
there is a whole how to on getting your system back up and running 
format your drive if you don't have to. The link is
I hope
this helps .


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> Lee McC wrote:
> >Mine keeps coming from cicchino@xxxxxxxxxxxx (N.
> >Cicchino)  - 4 in the last two days.  Some kinda
> >trojan.  The ISP is some Canadian outfit.
> Anyone else been getting email with attachments from
> this guy?  I've gotten a few myself.
> I wrote an obscenity to him, and wrote a message to
> his ISP.  But the name seemed familiar.
> Awhile back, I was a branch on a tree, and a Mark
> Cicchino of Ontario was one of my leaves (but with a
> hotmail address).  Anyone heard from the guy recently?