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bonzo's b-day party

So, I was burning a copy of Bonzo's birthday party the other day and 
pulled out my old album version of it, The album has a black and 
drawing of a pig jumping out of a cake on the cover. The intro to the 
ocean has an old radio commercial for prunes. It's this guy talking 
about a woman and noticing something he liked about her. Then he 
out what it was he liked, it was her apron, it was covered in prunes 
like the kind he takes in his lunch box everyday. Then the woman says 
"say prunes" and the guy responds, stuttering "so, so, so I said 
and our hearts began to swell" then the theme comes in some silly 
about prunes. This leads directly into "the ocean"

Am I the only old bastard out here who has a copy of this or is this 
common knowledge.

I just thought it was kind of goofy.


PS- Where is Jimmy and Jonesy?