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ramble controversey (was woman, woman)

So a week after I post a set of ramblings it gets all controversial.

1. WKIT (my work place) plays the Grateful Dead. I really don't like 
of the Dead's catalog. Just not my style of music. If you want to 
flame me
for that, go right the fuck ahead, but do it privately. FBO IS NOT THE
PLACE TO HAVE A FLAME WAR. THis sorta flame war comes up at least once
every 3-6 months, someone#1 says Band A sucks , but band B is cool.
Someone #2 says Someone #1 is smoking crack because Band A is the best
band ever and Band B were unoriginal. THe someone #3 comes on and 
how many songs Zeppelin stole from other artists, and someone #2 gets
pissed off either because A. THey're in denial that Zep were musical
theives or B. just because Someone #3 dared to speak to them without
saying Your Highness. Then someone #4 jumps in and sayd that it was 
blues tradition to steal and Someone #5 says that the Blues have 
to do with Led Zeppelin so someone #1 and someone #2, while still 
each other posts, team up and flame someone #5 and by this point in 
half of the regulars jump into it, people unsubscribe and say that the
list has gone to hell, it's not like the old days, someone brings up
Zerxes and everyone says "WHY DID YOU BRING ZERXES UP" and 75% of the
digest is not even worth a bathroom book.

to all new subscribers- the list goes through cycles. The list is 
lame nopw, but it will get better......to all who are arguing, I don't
care who you are....take the non-relevent discussions private!!!!

2. Someone taking the time to call a radio station and say "Band A" 
Maybe they do need a life, but it happens all the time. Let's see,
according to the listeners of WKIT, these are the bands that I have 
told suck: Zeppelin, hendrix, the Who, Tom Petty, Staind, Boston, 
38 Special, the Dead, Bon Jovi, REM, Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, 
Billy Squire, Springsteen, Clapton, Coverdale / whitesnake, Deep
Purple..... the list goes on. I normally just agree with the callers.
"Zeppelin? Yeah they blow. bye" and hang up. Usually they won't call 

3. Led Zeppelin do not owe us anything, what they do with their lives 
music is their business. Some of you are very greedy... I want MORE 
MORE. There's a lot of time and effort into everything that we do 
Hell they're still playing music, shouldn't we be thankful for THAT? 
could be sitting back like Grace Slick saying "I think old people look
dumb singing rock and roll" and no one complains about that....they
respect it. These are musicians in their mid 50's, they could very 
take an early retirement and have enough money if they've been smart 
their finances....but they continue to perform for us, so be thankful 
God's sake!

4. Posts made to FBO are not filtered out, it is not the list admins
responsibility for what is posted nor is the committees. And many of 
have been sending private emails to people asking them to refrain from
this flame war. There are no filters.... this list is overall about
freedom of expression  and until 2/3 of the list members want it to be
moderated, it won't be. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

5. What's the deal with (insert radio station call letters here) they 
to be cool now it is the same shit over and over again? That is how 
works, it's zoning in on one small audience that will listen loyally
because the ratings in turn end up being a lot better. Marketing and
research has gone on for this sorta thing for years, and corperate
radiocompanies have tried all kinds of methods and for them this is 
works, that's why so many radio stations are going downhill. By 
the same stuff like that they are able to make more money....and that 
no joke.

OK I am off my high horse now...for the moment anyway....

I just had to make several points. Now back to doing whatever it is 
Mixers do at 3 in the afternoon on a Wednesday.....