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Re: zeppelin-digest V3 #890

Hey--I agree.  I am sick of that label, that's why I commented on it.
Someone here called me(?) a head banger and he must be a Zep fan too! 
 I was
sarcastically trying to point out that people stereotype Deadheads as 
out potheads and Zep fans as metal heads, etc....   (And there are 
misconceptions as well--I DO NOT want that whole recent controversy 
to start
up again.)  I'll play the Rain Song for someone who thinks I'm into 
metal"--and say, "Yes, THAT is my favorite metal band."


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From: <Rainman1HD@xxxxxxx>
> << Just like us
>  Zepfans
>  are all head bangers.  >>
> Head bangers? Where do people get this? I've gotten the same 
> reaction when
> people hear that I listen to Zep.