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No Quarter from Nassau County, second night


I'm listening to the No Quarter from 02/14/75 as we speak, near the 17
minute mark... this is one of the most incredible things I've ever 
had the
pleasure of listening to on tape (or cd-r, for that matter). Page's 
solo is logic defying. Jones's short electric piano solo is 
Even Plant sounds good, and the bass distortion makes everything all 
more dramatic. The altered line of "They carry steal that's bright and
true" finally clicks with me. Okay, so Plant's voice goes out on him 
the coda (more blazing guitar, though)... it's one of the best I've 
heard. "John Bonham, high hat." --Robert Plant

I've had this show for over a year now, but it hasn't got the 
attention it
deserved. Wonderfully fantastic. Teh rendition of "The Song Remains 
Same" is good --- flamingly so. The theremin battle is terrifying, 
bass so funky it SPILLS from the speakers. Trampled is fucking 
insane. And
even the lazy Black Dog rocks.

Go pull out those tapes!