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Re: Zep Photos

At 01:03 PM 7/20/01 -0400, nech wrote:
>To all the kind souls out there,
>Hey, I am calling out for anyone that might have the following photos
>buried in their Zep books that are of better quality than the ones 
>These were used in the original insert for "The Can".
Switch scene to logotype of Led Zeppelin outlined type similar to 
and the outside back cover of Led Zeppelin III with the flat color 
from Robert and the Celtic Cross pictured around his neck.
The composite photo image on the Led Zep III cover that "The Can" was
obviously derived from was created from 4 Kodaliths of continuous tone
photos. Then an overlay with a Rubylith hand cut film on acetate 
was pegged for the flat tint. Never mind the Celtic Cross. It could 
been done with silk screen flat color paper with illustrator's flat 
water color gouache and then cut out by hand with a swivel X-Acto 
knife and
waxed or glued onto another pegged acetate overlay and then 4 color
separated with a stat camera.
That's what it looks like. I like Jimmy's idea better. Wonder what the
album cover would have looked like if his original concept had been
followed to the letter? Probably something more on the order of the 
Faces album cover,
Ogden Nut Gone Flake(insert grin here)
  There's a way to print Kodalith film from 35 mm negs with a 35 mm 
enlarger and then develop the Kodaliths as film positives in Kodak AB
developer so they appear as mezzotints. Unless you have the original
photographs or the original prepress art work from Led Zep III, good 
JPJ's photo looks like its from Bath see (Neal Preston), Robert's 
like its from the session with Strider and the motorcycle. The Bonzo 
one is
from one of the early group sessions, the one with Jimmy, I'd have to 
about it.
The easiest thing to do is scan a straight copy from a copy of the 
Led Zep
III vinyl album cover. Scan it in sections and then tile it together 
shoot it flat with black and white film, print it to 8.25 inches 
sqare and
scan it(for 
maximizing detail). Derive the new art by digitally manipulating it 
in a
photo editing program to remove the grayed out tinted area over 
Robert. Add
a second scanned in logo from the vinyl album cover for TSRTS and 
got it.
Or take the easy way out and keep what you've got cause it's not all 
that bad.