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Sheep thoughts

Random Thoughts for the sheep, about the sheep and by the sheep^Å.

Why do you all clamor for 77 shows, like the Forum shows, MSG shows 
when you say Jimmy was ^Ósloppy^Ô and Robert had no voice by then?  
DUH!!!!  And for you guys that are bickering over which 77 shows are 
better^ÅEast Coast or West Coast^Å.I thought that issue was laid to 
rest with 
Tupac and Biggie.

For the guy who thinks Jimmy is ^Ópasty white^Ô and has poor taste in 
clothes^Å. Just how short IS your leash, buddy?  Remember, 5 inches 
does not 
make a foot.

In case you haven^Òt heard^Å.The Backstreet Boys have cancelled their 
because one of them is in rehab for depression and alcohol 
  Real bands don^Òt cancel tours for rehab.  They keep playing even 
if their 
guitarist can barely stand on stage or the drummer just falls off the 
  Just another example of the younger generation^Òs lack of 

Why do some of you feel the need to attack newbies who ask legitimate 
innocent questions about Zeppelin, with sarcasm and evil wit?  Let 
think we^Òre all nice until they^Òve been here for a while^×then show 
them your 
Jackass qualities.

Oh, and Mr. Mixer, what the hell are you thinking , geting on sumeone 
there typeing abilities!!!  I^Òm sure you^Òre cute and all two, but 
you really 
have no leg to satnd on their due you???

That^Òs all for today, I really don^Òt know what I^Òm sayin^Ò but 
I^Òm having a 
GOOD time!!