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RP&SS 06/06/2001 - Tree Structure is posted..

There's a link on my homepage (URL is below) in the News section 
the announcement.

If you didn't make it coz you where too late then have a look at the 
number in the second column against a branch, that is the number of 
leaves that that person was willing to take on. If the allocation is 
less than the number shown they may take you on as a leaf.

By all means let me know if your on there twice or acting as branch 

I do apologise for the delay, we had a new addition to the family and 
was a bit distracted, it tends to happen when I take delivery of a 
Triumph Daytona 955i.

Well enough of that, go forth and trade.

Oh BTW what would you lot prefer as the next tree, Black Velvet, 
Imperial Kezar, an unamed state in Australia in '72..............?


Les. :)
- -- 
sLoObYs Trade Repository