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Inspirational Lyrics from Zeppelin

Layla wrote:

>Hi everyone.  As I'm nearing the completion of my PhD
>thesis dissertation, I started thinking about quoting
>a inspirational led zeppelin lyric on the dedication
>section, but since I don't have time to sit and go
>through all the songs, I thought I might ask everyone
>on the FBO what they thought would be appropriate to
>put on there.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Layla--congratulations!  Yet another Ph.D. on the list.  How many 
us are there these days?   Ghod we're an erudite group!

One of my favorite Zep lyrics serves as a reminder that we are all
constantly learning throughout our lives:  "Many times I've wondered 
much there is to know."  


Jean Lorrah, jean1@xxxxxxxx
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