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Re: Jimmy on "Heart of Stone?"

Stephane writes:

>Hi guys, I found this message on the Rolling Stones mailing list I 
>subscribe to.  (SFJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)  This is really 
>Anyone else can confirm this from a Zep perspective?

This is definitely true -- back in 1964 Andrew Oldham had this bright 
of getting Jagger & Richards to write songs for other artists (i.e.
Marianne Faithfull).  The songs were demoed by various session men
(including Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones), with Mick Jagger doing the
vocals.  "Heart Of Stone" was one of about 4-5 demos that featured 
Page on

A few months later the Stones were re-evaluating some of those 
demos, and they decided that a couple of them ("Heart Of Stone" and 
Turns To Grey") were worthy of being recorded by the Stones 
themselves.  I
guess Keith didn't have time to come up with new guitar parts, so he 
copied what Jimmy had played.

Many of the original demos are available on "Metamorphosis" and 
Stones bootlegs.

Hope this helps,