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Re: CD images

Gerry wrote:
> So with all these bootlegs floating around, and the relatively easy 
> digital
> coping abilities, does anyone have CD images?  Those of us with CD 
> burners
> would be able to get them that way.

Who needs CD images when you have Shorten?

Here is a simple explanation, as I do not know what your level of
computer knowledge is:

CDs are comprised of digital audio files that can be easily be 
from the CD to your hard drive. These files can then be compressed in
such a manner that no loss of information occurs. These Shorten files
will be 50-75% of the size of the original file. When these files are
decoded, or uncompressed, they are an exact duplicate of the original
digital audio file that was extracted from the CD. When you burn the
files into an audio CD the results are the same as if the disc was
extracted and burnt on the same machine. The program that does this is
called Shorten.

These files can be uploaded to and downloaded from the Internet. There
is a newsgroup on Usenet that is devoted to the exchange of these
Shorten files, it's alt.binaries.sounds.led-zeppelin. Typically, there
are 3-5 bootlegs being uploaded to the group every week. My collection
of live recordings has exploded since people started to post Shortened
Zep bootlegs to the group. I've acquired at least 75 different titles,
anywhere from 1-5 discs each, this way. You need a high-speed
connection, DSL/cable or better, and a good news server.

Shorten is a great way to share/trade non-commercial recordings over 
Internet. This list and the newsgroup are a great way to acquire and
enjoy the recorded performances of our favourite band. You would be 
pressed to find a larger congregation of self-less true fans. This 
sort of restores my faith in humanity. ;-P