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Re: Montreux, etc.

Hey everyone: Sunila, many thanks for the review of Jimmy and Robert 
Montreux! Don't worry if you couldn't remember everything...my mind
would have been a complete, worthless blur had I been there. You hit 
highlights! And thanks to the kind FBOer who put up the links to those

I would agree that Ahmet Ertegun is a cut above most record company
execs...ever since seeing the Atlantic 40th birthday party, I've been
convinced that he's in it for the music as much as the money, if not
more. I wrote him a thank-you letter for organizing that concert, 
that I tuned in to see Zep (of course) but as a bonus, I wound up
learning a lot about Atlantic's history and pivotal role in music, by
seeing the other artists who played that night. And would you believe 
wrote back to me himself?? I was amazed.

Finally, speaking of Zep reunion shows...I, too, would be very
interested in the R&R Hall of Fame induction one if it's around....

Ramble on,