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Re: Burning Question (NZC)

According to http://www.goldenhawk.com/ WinME and Win2k are both 
Click on the link above and then download area for instructions on 
how to
download and install the ASPI driver for ATAPI devices.

I've been running WinME with CDRWIN and EZCD with no problems for 
months now.


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Subject: Re: Burning Question (NZC)

> WinME does not ship with any ASPI layer.   CDRWIN requires an ASPI 
> layer.
> The Adaptec ASPI layer that CDRWin had relied on in the past is not
> supported in ME (Or Win2k) by Adaptec, Roxio (The software spinoff 
> company
> of Adaptec responsible for EZCD) or Microsoft.   EZCD 4 and up no 
> longer
> require an ASPI layer on any OS.   Win98 and below ship with an 
> older
> version of the ASPI layer licensed from Adaptec but it's usually
> that one update that ASPI layer to the latest (Which is 4.60 or 
> something
> near that IIRC).  Programs that need to communicate with CD devices 
> in
> and 2K utilize mini-port drivers and such instead of the ASPI layer 
> -
> is why you have to update drivers for WinME and 2K for a lot of 
> peripheral
> devices.
> Now this doesn't mean you can't install the Adaptec ASPI layer on 
> Win2K or
> ME - but it does mean that nobody responsible for the ASPI layer has
> on it since those OSes came out and they don't recommend it for ME 
> or 2K
> there are often troubles galore depending on what other devices and
> you have running and/or installed.  In short:  It's a crap shoot.  
> ;o)
> Programs like CDRWin have been reported to run fine in Win2K as it 
> seems
> be a little more forgiving than ME but there are no guarantees.  The
> there is that CDRWin was written to use Adaptec's ASPI layer - the
> being that they would keep upgrading it for newer OSes - But other
> kept making their own versions of ASPI and they didn't strictly 
> adhere to
> the standards set forth for ASPI and so Adaptec's ASPI layer kept 
> getting
> all fudged up by other programs and they were tired of supporting 
> problems that they did not cause - so they took their ball and went 
> home -
> so to speak - They started writing their programs to no longer 
> require any
> ASPI layer at all and let all the other companies write their own or
> and die.  I guess Adaptec still does support the ASPI layer 
> somewhat for
> their SCSI cards but they no longer have anything to do with the 
> software
> side that became Roxio.
> I don't have the links handy but a search for aspichk (to check 
> your ASPI
> version) and ForceASPI (to install it on a non-qualifying system - a
> with no Adaptec SCSI card) and you can give it a try - but make 
> sure you
> have a full back up ready or be prepared to wipe the HDD and 
> re-install
> OS just in case something goes kerflooey.  And chances are, it will.
> Me personally, I'd stick with 98.  ;o) (In which case, you'll still 
> have
> upgrade your ASPI layer but at least the OS will support it)
> :o)
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> From: "Nicolas Santoli" <nsantoli@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Subject: Burning Question (NZC)
> > Sorry for the NZC but I had a quick question....
> >
> > I recently got a new computer and the OS is Win Me...I've been 
> > having a
> lot
> > of troubles burning using CDRWin...I have a Plextor 1210A 
> > burner...recently I thought I saw a thread concerning this issue 
> > and
> perhaps
> > the fact that CDRWin is *NOT* compatible with Win Me...
> >
> > Can someone please drop me a note to help me out with this 
> > issue?? Is
> there
> > something I can do or should I just scrap Me and load on ol' 98??
> >
> > TIA,
> >
> > Nic S.