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Re: other zep women

Couldn't tell you about the first two, but the last was Patricia, whom
Page married in 1988. She is the mother of James Patrick Page Jr., who
lives in New Orleans, if I recall correctly. Not sure if he's the baby
in the photo, though.

The picture was on the Web somewhere at some point...

Ledhead 75 wonders:

> Who was. . . 1.  The woman sitting with the boys on the cover of the
> Riverside Blues CD?  Sandy Denny?2.  The woman on Bonzo's shoulders
> onstage at the Oakland 1977 gig?3. The (blond??) woman with Jimmy 
> Page
> standing in front of a church in a photo on the back of one of the 
> fan
> magazines from the late 80's/early 90's.  Interesting picture . . .
> Jimmy's in a very conventional suit and, if memory serves, one of 
> them
> is holding a baby.  I would have to search to find the magazine but 
> it
> is lying around somewhere.