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Re: New EC Preview online

Nech writes:

> > They're doing everything to prove the dvd's legitimacy except 
> > actually
> > sending it to anyone.
> Wrong, They're doing everything they can to keep us the guise of it 
> being
> real.
> All of these clips (if not the whole songs) have been available for 
> some time
> now.
> It's just that those in the know have been asked to keep mum and 
> they have
> done so.

I'll second that. Without going into too much detail: the site 
currently taking
orders and showing previews is not connected with the people who 
announced the EC DVD (the "Comfort" site in Japan). If I understand 
my "sources
in the know" correctly, there is NO proof whatsoever that the people 
running the
onlyraredvd.da.ru site have the goods.

> These rip off artists just found someone to give up their clips and 
> are
> trying to make a quick buck off of the unsuspecting starry eyed 
> drooling mass
> of Zep
> fanatics who don't know any better.
> Stay away.

Amen to that. If the Comfort offer is renewed, it MAY be worth 
checking out. But
my "sources in the know" indicate that even that version is likely to 
have come
from a fairly high-gen VHS dub, with the sound in lesser quality than 
better-sounding audio boots (Arabesque & Baroque 4th Night, Your 
Mother Wouldn't
Like It, Odysseus). That's not exactly what one looks for in a DVD.

There. I've said part of what I have learned from "insiders," and I 
hope I
haven't said too much, because I was asked to keep mum as well. But I 
can't sit
by and watch list members throw away their cash.

Don't order this, people. Just don't waste your money... yet. It's 
like buying a
completely new model car or computer in its first year of production. 
There are
bound to be bugs. The EC video will be made available sooner or later 
in better
quality, and when it is, we'll break the copy protection and run both 
VCD and
VHS trees, 'mkay?