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Re: Flip side

Ah! This reminds when I was about 10 and told a friend that I loved 
the Beatles
45' of Yellow Submarine (the only Beatles record my parents had). She 
asked me
what was on the B side... would you beleive I didn't know! Had never 
realized that
there might be something  on the other side... so at ten I had the 
revelation of
discovering Eleanor Rigby .... the world has never been quite the 
same after this


Sunila, The Dragonlady

PS: had a very Zep night ... getting ready for Saturday ... eek! 
listening to "Divintiy"  ... wonder why? This Saturday it will be 
exactly 31 years
and 4 months later .... oh my!!

Shar wrote :

> The Beatles brought 45 rpm flip sides to the attention of the Top 
> Forty
> listening public in the mid 60's because they had good releases on 
> both sides.