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Fan recalls Zep show

Occasionally, someone on another list mentions having seen
Zeppelin live so I'll ask if they'll share any memories.  With
permission, here is one gal's recollection.  Not exactly
revelatory, but at least it's Zep content.  TCH

Dallas (1973) 
- -------------
Hey Tom, nice to hear from you.  That was so long ago and I was most
certainly in an altered state of mind.  In those old days in Dallas, you
could reserve seats to a show before the tour was even announced. We sent
our money to the ticket agency as deposit on 4 Row 14 center section tickets
for whenever Led Zepplin decided to tour. When the show came to town, we had
our seats.

The show was excellent as I remember.  Robert Plant melted everybody in the
place, lord that man could sing. Whole Lotta Love was incredible.  Jimmy's
guitar was screaming. Moby Dick was phenominal...20 minute drum solo.  The
others took a break off stage.

Didn't do much fancy effects, fog, lights and the mirrorball.

The ticket cost $8.00 each plus a $1 handling fee.

So are there any shows available for them or was that too long ago?

        [ I later asked her which year she saw Zep in Dallas ]

I saw 1973 in Dallas and 1975 in Ft Worth. IMHO 73 was better, I had good
seats and my head was in a better spot.  I still have a stub from one of the
shows (it's in a treasure box now). Cost like $8.00 for the show. Good ol'
days for sure!