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Re: Comment

Dear Steve K,
Most of us remember that members of ELP's crew later went on to work
for Led
Yeah guys, you really ought to start speaking up for yourselves you
Piecing the PA development tit for tat down the line should be
developed in a chronology
from all the major crewmen. and put together in a major work before
it all gets forgotten.

Zeppelin's PA in '70 was primitive in comparison to what developed
by the '73 tour.
However, I'd have to say I thought that ELP was ahead of everybody
as far as some of the
initial PA development prior to '75 with the exception of the some
of the direction that Pink Floyd explored.

Crown Amps were it later I think when the Kenwood's were capable of
square sine wave generation some preferred those.
That's not to say the Who were without merit as they broke new
ground in bringing forth what later became
standard PA's for many others that followed.
But Zep was not totally first with PA development.
The loudest, the absoluto loudest of the general "Golden Age"?
Leslie West with Mountain(cleanest bass amplification)
Grand Funk Railroad (best general vocal amplification and drum
amplification what am I saying the bass was well sepped)
Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes
Led Zeppelin (best guitar amps)
ELP(cleanest flattest (flat is good) sound reproduction across the
Pink Floyd(best balance-Dark Side of the Moon tour)
the Who( instrument separation drum articulation)
Stones(maybe- before super arena days not as likely)
The loudest without amplification?
The Pink Lady